Explore Czech Cuisine – These are the Little-Known Czech Delicacies

Czech cuisine is a wonderful way to enjoy the country’s rich heritage. Did you know that there are many new Czech delicacies on the market today? Let’s explore…

Enjoy the Best of Czech Foods

Czech cuisine is not all about stews, soups and large portions. Many innovative food companies in the Czech Republic are creating new and exciting products. Czech cuisine has a long history in the 21st Century. It includes sweet treats, specialty drinks, and traditional packaged mixes with a modern twist.

These are some of the lesser-known food products that you need to know about. These products are not easily found in grocery stores but you can find them online through specialty retailers.

Fidorka Dark Chocolate

These chocolate treats are available in single-serving sizes, approximately the same size as a coffee cup. They are better than Swiss chocolate in our opinion. They are also available in white chocolate. Sandwich two dark Fidorka chocolate wafers with peanut butter for a truly delicious treat.

Horalky Chocolate Wafers

Horalky wafers, which are chocolate bar-sized, keep with the chocolate theme. The wafers have a crunchy cocoa outer and a hazelnut inside. These wafers are truly special because they combine hazelnut and cocoa. Unique and Czech.

Gypsy Sauce

It has to be intriguing with a name like this. It’s not only interesting but also delicious. Gypsy sauce can be used in soups, stews, and as a condiment. It adds a lot of flavor to your food.

Sponge Biscuits

These biscuits are called piskoty in Czech. These biscuits are soft and sweet, just like a regular biscuit. They are loved by children and are being used in more Czech and Slovak dishes.

Finally, here’s the final:

Poprad Coffee

This coffee is perfect for those who like strong, but not too strong coffee. You’ll be able to tell the difference when you open the can. It has a rich, deep aroma and flavor. We prefer full-octane coffee (caffeinated).


These are just some of the many Czech food products you won’t find outside of the Czech Republic. There are many more products available, with many more in the pipeline. You can enjoy the Czech cuisine at home without ever leaving your house!

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