Czech Food and Drink Chicagoland’s Most Popular Czech Restaurants

Czech people are sure to appreciate the pleasure of eating a Czech-style meal. Even if Czech descent is not your thing, a visit at one of these Chicagoland restaurants will make you sing the praises for Czech food. Here’s a selection of some of our favorites…

The Greater Chicago area is home to the largest concentration of Bohemian and Czech heritages in America. You will find many Chicago restaurants and cafes that honor these cultures.

Chicago’s Czech community is concentrated in the western suburbs. Brookfield, Stickney (suburban village), Cicero (suburban village), and Stickney (suburban village) all have large Czech and Slovak heritage communities. These suburbs are about 20 minutes from Chicago’s downtown area and home to three of America’s most famous Czech restaurants. Let’s look closer…

Klas Restaurant: Cicero

Klas is the granddaddy among all these great restaurants. It was opened in 1922. It’s an enormous place and has been home to many dignitaries over time.

Klas is open weekends and weekdays for banquets. The interior contains a wealth of authentic Czech Republic and Bohemia antiques. The only thing that is more authentic than decor is the food.

The dumplings and goulash are exceptional. This is a great location to sit back, enjoy a wonderful meal, and also to learn some local history.

Czech Plaza: Berwyn

Czech Plaza, which has been serving authentic home-cooked dinner box dublin for over 50 years, can be found just minutes from Klas. It is easy to find from anywhere in Chicago, as it is located on Cermak Road.

The bar area is stunning, but the real attraction is the fantastic food. This restaurant may be your new favorite, thanks to its generous portions and reasonable prices.

Bohemian meatloaf has been a huge favorite of ours. Although we don’t know the exact recipe, we believe it is a mixture between ground pork and beef. It’s hearty and mildly seasoned, so it’s worth making the effort. The Farmers Platter, which is a sample of several dishes from the menu, is another excellent option. This platter is great for people who are not familiar with the cuisine.

Moldau Restaurant: Brookfield

Brookfield is located just 10 minutes west from Berwyn. It’s divided by Ogden Avenue. Ogden runs all along the route from Chicago to west-central Illinois. Also known as Route 34, it is also called that. It is home to Moldau Restaurant, which is also one of Brookfield’s main commercial areas.

Moldau, just minutes from the high school where we attended, has been a favourite of ours for a long time. This place is small, but packed full of flavor. This place is closed at 8 p.m. and has early hours. So plan ahead for an early dinner.

Moldau is famous for its pork platters. You can’t go wrong with roast pork and sauerkraut. Keep room for desserts or coffee. It’s included with your meal, which is a common practice in these restaurants. However, it’s very easy to finish the meal before you get home.

Moldau is a true local gem, and it will feed your family well for a rock-bottom price. You can also visit Czech Plaza or Klas. You should make it a point when visiting Chicago to visit any of these Czech-inspired restaurants. They will make you smile!

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